Frequently Asked Questions

Running WombatDialer

Upgrading WombatDialer

After upgrading to WombatDialer 18.08, I see the error message "ServletException: NLIC/0".

There was a slight change in the JDBC format, so you must edit the file that you usually find under:

Look for the file and replace the entry:




See also the Upgrading section of our manual for the changes, and then restart.

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Error Message: Upgrade fails: HTTP Status 500 - error "DTSC - Please contact Loway for a renewal"

This error is usually caused by an otdated version of the web.xml file. In order to fix it, please follow the procedure below:/etc/init.d/qm-tomcat6 stop
cd /usr/local/queuemetrics/webapps/wombat-0.6.8-448/
mv web.xml web.xml.old
cp web.xml.ORIG-0.6.8-448 web.xml
/etc/init.d/qm-tomcat6 start
(Please note that the WombatDialer version may change based on what is installed on your system)

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Error Message: Upgrade fails: IncompatibleRemoteServiceException after upgrade

WombatDialer uses a "fat client" model where the client - running in your browser - is a complex JavaScript application. If you update WombatDialer, it may be possible that your browser still caches the previous version of the application client, so you get an "IncompatibleRemoteServiceException" because the server detects the client is out of sync.
In order to fix this issue, just click the "refresh" button of your browser or clear the browser's cache.

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How do I make campaigns time-zone aware?

Though it is not possible to have different time-zones for numbers in a call list, WombatDialer lets you run multiple campaigns in parallel.
So we suggest running a separate campaign for each time-zone, so it can have separate "opening hours" for each. It is perfectly okay to have multiple campaigns running using the same trunk and end-point, and they will share the load based on their priority (as a starting point, make sure they are have the same priority).

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When I try to log on, I see an error message "ServletException: NLIC/0" and cannot continue.

The issue seems to be related to WombatDialer not being able to initialize its environment properly, and this is usually caused by the JVM not being able to detect the current network configuration. This seems to be a transient issue and can easily be fixed by issuing a:/etc/init.d/qm-tomcat6 restart and accessing the system again.

If you already upgraded to WombatDialer 18.08, and the issue is still not solved, consult this FAQ: After upgrading to WombatDialer 18.08, I see the error message "ServletException: NLIC/0"

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How do I set the caller-id that the agent receives?

You may often want to set the Caller ID of the call when sent to the agent to something that makes sense to the agent - for example, the number just called, or the name of the person called, or the name of your campaign.

In order to do this, you need to intercept the call before it is sent to your queue and rewrite the Caller ID. Consider that all the attributes you set on the call are available as channel variables in Asterisk, so you can set any attributes you want the agent to see.

For example, imagine that your queue 999 is located at extension 999@from-internal. Instead of sending connected calls to that extension, you could create a piece of dialplan to do the rewriting and the jump to that extension, like for example:[wbt-rewrite]
exten => 999,1,Answer
exten => 999,n,Set(CALLERID(num)=#${ID} ${PERS})
exten => 999,n,Goto(from-internal,999,1)
In this case, you have the Wombat send successful calls to 999@wbt-rewrite, where Asterisk rewrites the Caller ID and then jumps to 999@from-internal.

A more complex version of this example - using a micro CRM broker - is available on WombatDialer and QueueMetrics.

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