Customer Support

Our Customer Care helps you get the most from the WombatDialer solution.

Call us at +41 91 630 9765

Write to us for:

  • Customer and Technical Support at support(at)
  • Sales and Administration Enquiry at sales(at)
  • Human Resources Department at hr(at)
  • Public Relations and Marketing at marketing(at)

We currently offer a wide range of support channels and formats:

  • The User Manuals of WombatDialer.
  • The basic WombatDialer Installation Guide.
  • A list of the main WombatDialer FAQs.
  • A dedicated WombatDialer Forum area.
  • The collection of WombatDialer Integration Tutorials.
  • A priority mail box service. Purchased separately: WombatDialer Priority Mail Support.
  • The Loway remote installation service with a support engineer that install WombatDialer on your server: Loway Remote Installation Support.
  • The Per-Incident Support with a support engineer that will assist you via remote access in order to solve critical technical issues.
    Purchase support tickets on our Loway Online Shop.
    Our support engineers are available Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. CET.
    We guarantee a response time of one business day.

    Each Per-Incident Support Ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase and cannot be broken down into separate issues. If a problem contains multiple issues, each will be charged as a new, separate Per-Incident Support Ticket.
    An "Incident" is defined as a single, discrete technical problem for which one of our Support Engineers will be connecting remotely to your servers for resolution.

    One Ticket costs 500 chf, three Tickets cost 1.350 chf, five Tickets cost 2.000 chf.

    Upon purchasing a Per-Incident Support Ticket, you will receive an order confirmation with the Incident Codes (required for the support delivery). Please install GotoMeeting conference tool and grant root SSH access to the involved servers in order to facilitate support delivery.

    If the incident was addressed in a later build of the software, the customer will still be charged for the support.
    If the incident turns out to be a defect in our software and the support engineer is unable to find a solution, the customer will not be charged and will receive a new Incident Code.

    Incident Support does NOT include configuration of Asterisk PBX or other non-Loway systems and the writing of custom software, patches or extension of Loway systems.
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