Asterisk Call Center
Predictive Dialer

Message broadcast, predictive, direct, reverse and preview dialing features.

WombatDialer dialer software is highly scalable, multi-server and works with your existing Asterisk PBX.

With easy to use campaign management tools it boosts agents productivity and improves your call center campaigns with automatic dialing, queue recalls functions, call forwarding options, and different dialing modes including direct, reverse, preview, manual and predictive.

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Telecasting Features with Pre-Recorded Messages Set

Telemarketing Campaigns with Appointment Reminders and Subscription Tracking

Voice Conferencing Options with Multiple Parallel Connections and Virtual Town Hall

Phone Interviews with IVR Settings and Tracking System

WombatDialer is ideal for...

Delivering professional, quality, effective marketing and sales messages to your prospects.

Finding potential donors and interested volunteers for your non profit fundraising campaigns.

Sending reminders and calling people to collect debt and keep payments on time.

Reaching voters, sending your campaign message out, and generating buzz about your poltical campaign.