Installation Guide

WombatDialer is best installed on a separate server on its own, but it can also run on the same server as Asterisk for smaller installations.

Automated installation using RPMs

If you run a RPM based Linux distro like CentOS, you can install WombatDialer automatically by issuing the following commands:

wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d

yum install wombat

Follow the on-screen instructions for initial database installation.
When done, connect to http://myserver.address:8080/wombat; you can login using as user demoadmin, password demo.

Manual installation

In order to install WombatDialer, you need a working servlet container and a MySQL server. A recent version of Apache Tomcat will do.

  1. Download the latest version of WombatDialer (18.08.3 - December 14, 2018) as a .tar.gz package.
  2. Unpack the file in your servlet containers's webapps directory and rename the folder to "wombat".
  3. Download the MySQL Connector/J jar file and add it under the WEB-INF/lib/ folder.
  4. Restart your servlet container.
  5. Connect to http://myserver.address:8080/wombat - you will be asked for the MySQL root password to create a local database.
  6. Login using as user demoadmin, password demo.

When done

The first thing you need to do is to have a look at the User Manual.
WombatDialer is a powerful product, but you need to understand its core concepts in order to use it effectively.

WombatDialer comes with a free 1-channel license free to use for 1 year. You can purchase additional channels as you need them - though the best way to run a meaningful test is to request a free demo key to unlock the full potential of WombatDialer for 30 days.
To get help on your brand new WombatDialer, you may want to visit our forums or contact our customer service.