WombatDialer Video Tutorials

Experience what WombatDialer, power dialer for Asterisk® PBX, can offer to your call-center business, through a selection of the best video tutorials available on our official channel.

Saquen el mayor provecho de WombatDialer

En este VideoTutorial se explica el significado de cada uno de los parametros que definen Servidores, Troncales y Terminales.
Saquen el mayor provecho de Wombat y aprendan como utilizar todos los parametros disponibles en la configuración básica.

WombatDialer 0.9 is out!

The famous dialer for Asterisk has now over 80 new or improved items, support for multiple languages and a rewritten GUI that makes it easier to use and maintain it.

WombatDialer Telecasting and Queue-based Dialing Tutorial

Learn how to run multiple real-life campaigns with the WombatDialer power dialer by Loway Switzerland.

WombatDialer como instalar, configurar y generar la primera campaña

En este Videotutorial se muestra como instalar, configurar y generar la primera campaña saliente con Wombat Dialer. No dudes en enviarnos tus comentarios o preguntas acerca de esta potente herramienta de marcación automatica.

WombatDialer installation tutorial on Elastix

Installation of WombatDialer on an Elastix system and setting up a simple telecasting campaign - sending a voice message to a set of receivers. It shows setting up of retry rules, basic configuration for the dialer and getting reports of campaign activity.

Introducing WombatDialer alpha

A quick introduction to install and run the WombatDialer.
The software is currently in alpha stage.

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