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WombatDialer is highly scalable, multi-server, easy-to-use and
works with your existing Asterisk PBX.

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Send a pre-recorded message to a set of receivers. The message can be easily personalized by having your PBX read custom variables, e.g. current account balances, planned service outages, end of current subscription periods.

  • Works with your existing PBX.
  • Automated warning systems.
  • Event cancellations.
  • Number verification services.


Send a pre-recorded message to a list of contacts, and offer them an option to be put in contact with an operator if interested.

  • When required, a maximum call duration can be enforced.
  • Appointment reminders and cancellations.
  • Track subscription expirations and process renewals.
  • Product offerings.
  • Debt tracking and collection.

  Voice conferencing

Ever tried setting up a conference call with many attendants? WombatDialer can connect them all in parallel at the click of a button - no more wasted time and manually dialing busy numbers.

  • Connect tens or hundreds of parties at once.
  • Different parties can have different access levels.
  • Virtual town hall.

  Phone interviews

Connect to a set of receivers and offer them a set of IVR options. WombatDialer keeps track of selected options and forwards them to your tracking system.

  • Automated service satisfaction interviews.
  • Quality Assessment of your services.
  • Instant automated polling stations.